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New York, NY (October 17, 2022): Pop On Veneers is making it so easy for everyone to have their smile ready for this holiday season– no more hiding from the camera! With the new Holiday Smile Sale, customers will be smiling with confidence in all their holiday pictures.


Customers may choose to have their digital impressions made in-person at the brand-new Pop On storefront in Manhattan, New York. Alternatively, customers can choose to make the impressions at-home with a kit provided by the company. In either case, Pop On Veneers will design 100% custom-made removable veneers that Pop On over existing teeth, transforming into the smile of their dreams– all in time for the holiday season!


“I used to be afraid to smile in family photos for the holidays, and I know this year I’m going to be grinning cheek to cheek,” says customer Ryan after popping on his veneers. “It gave me so much confidence,'' says customer Amanda while wearing her Pop On Veneers. “I’m smiling like a big old cheese in so many pictures now… and I want to take pictures with everybody. I’m usually the one behind the camera, now I’m in front of it,” she adds.


Pop On Veneers is the number one way to get a smile you love this holiday season. For those who have been self conscious about taking photos for holiday cards, and for those who have been hesitant to take photos at holiday dinners, Pop On Veneers is an affordable, pain-free solution. Pop On Veneers delivers life-changing smiles in time for one of the most memorable times of the year.


Whether you’re missing teeth, have chipped teeth, or looking for a brighter smile, Pop On Veneers will deliver a 100% custom-made smile to your doorstep without shaving your natural teeth. A Pop On smile costs just a fraction of corrective dental procedures, and is a completely pain-free process. Pop On Veneers prides itself on its accessibility: the already affordable cost comes with several payment plan options, ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to have a smile they love.


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