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What are veneers?

Veneers are a cosmetic solution that covers your existing teeth, that can either be removable or permanent. 

How do veneers work? 

Removable Veneers 
Pop On Veneers

At Pop On Veneers, we have transformed the expensive, time-consuming process of permanent veneers and have offered a budget-friendly, quick solution to regaining your most confident smile- all from the comfort of your own home. In our digital design center, our meticulous dental technicians craft your Pop On Veneers from the molds of your existing teeth to conceal many of your dental concerns: missing teeth, gaps, staining, and more. Any areas with missing teeth are filled with the full thickness of a real tooth to give you a full and balanced smile. Because Pop On Veneers are 100% custom made, they sit securely and comfortably, all without using adhesives! Having a precise fit to your natural teeth allows for even the most active lifestyles to smile effortlessly. Just pop your veneers on, and hear them 'snap' in place! 

pop on veneers

Clip On Veneers and Snap On Veneers 

The term "clip on veneers", or "snap on veneers" is commonly used when referring to removable veneers. However, the main difference lies between whether the product is custom made, or is a "one size fits all" approach. At Pop On Veneers, we focus on blending digital craftsmanship with digital design when creating your entirely personalized smile. 

pop on veneers


Prefabricated Veneers / One Size Fits All Veneers

Prefabricated veneers are typically marketed as a "one size fits all" approach. You often see these on websites such as Amazon and Wish for approximately $20-$30 dollars. Commonly, you will notice prefabricated veneers have "holes" towards the molars, and require you to boil in between uses. Although a cheaper alternative, prefabricated veneers do not meet many of the aesthetic desires of those who wish to improve their smile; Moreover, the materials used in manufacturing prefabricated veneers are often completed overseas, where little to no craftsmanship diminishes a natural looking smile. You may see these products online that often mirror that "Halloween" or "Dracula" teeth appearance due to the lower quality materials used. Other variations of prefabricated veneers can come with a pink "gum line" added along the teeth that requires using an adhesive to attach the "gums" of the prefabricated veneers to your own. This can be very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, and leads the risk of falling out or shifting within your mouth with little to no stabilization. 

prefabricated veneers


Permanent Veneers 
Permanent veneers are offered at many dental offices where your dentist will shave down some of your existing teeth to permanently cement veneers onto each tooth. Permanent veneers call for multiple visits to the dentist and requires having all or some of your natural teeth shaven down. Permanent veneers do not cover missing teeth areas, since each veneer is placed on each individual tooth. The average cost for each individual veneer can range from $500-$2000. To cover 6 teeth on top and 6 teeth on bottom can cost upwards to $50,000.
permanent veneers


Porcelain and Composite Veneers

There are two options for permanent veneers: porcelain and composite veneers. Porcelain veneers typically last 10-15 years, until you will need to get a replacement set. Porcelain veneers are also quite durable in material, due to the ceramic shell that encompasses each tooth. For composite veneers, the life expectancy is cut down to 4-8 years until replacement is necessary, and is more prone to breakage due to the less sturdy material used. No matter which option is chosen, permanent veneers require consistent maintenance, regular dentist visits, and a large budget that requires a massive financial commitment in the years to come.

composite veneers


At Pop On Veneers, we believe everyone deserves the smile they have always dreamed of. At a fraction of the cost and no dental visitations required, we offer an affordable alternative to many dental treatments. Your smile is entirely unique to you: there is no other like it! It is our goal to utilize the natural features you currently have, all while perfecting your smile by covering any missing teeth, gaps, staining, and more!

Check out our video below to see what it really means for your smile to be 100% custom made:


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Pop On Promise

The Pop On Promise

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We recently introduced the option of adding a 1 Year Loss Protection Plan so if anything happens to your veneers, we’ll make them for you again. No questions asked! Our goal is to ensure you never have to worry about being without your smile.

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