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  • Rinse the veneers in lukewarm water (less than 120 degrees)
  • Gently put the veneers over your teeth and use your fingers to gently pop your veneers in place. Your veneers will feel secure around your teeth. You may hear the pop as they click into place! 
  • When taking off your veneers, gently use both hands starting at the back of the veneers, moving towards the front to fully remove the veneers
  • Rinse the veneers with water before and after use
  • Store the veneers in the handy Pop On case we include in your order when not wearing your veneers
  • Enjoy your new smile!


Loving your Pop On Veneers, but want to ensure they last? Follow these tips from our smile experts: 
Daily routine
  • The best way to care for your veneers is to rinse them with water before and after every use and clean them with the soft bristle toothbrush enclosed. Avoid using mouthwash, toothpaste or any abrasive materials on your Pop On Veneers so they don’t stain or scratch your veneers
  • For a deep cleaning, we recommend our Pop On Clean Tablets. Place 1 cleaning tablet in a glass of room temperature water. Leave your veneers in the bubbling solution for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. When you run out of tablets, no problem! Click here to order more now
  • Some customers choose to sleep in their veneers and even choose to wear their veneers as a night guard. We recommend whatever works best for you! We always have spare veneers available should you choose to wear your veneers at night. Don’t worry, spare veneers will always be available when you’re ready for a fresh set! Click here to learn more about special pricing on spare veneers
  • We include a handy Pop On case with your veneers, so be sure to store your veneers safely– away from direct heat, your furry friends and anything else that may cause damage to your veneers!
Eating and drinking 
  • Some of our customers have found it comfortable to eat some of their favorite foods with Pop On Veneers. Everyone adjusts to eating with their veneers differently, so we encourage you to do what works best for you. We recommend refraining from foods too hard or sticky, like gum and candy
  • If you choose to eat in your veneers, thoroughly cleanse the veneers after each meal
  • Drink your favorite beverages with Pop On Veneers, but avoid hot drinks above 120 degrees 
     Sing with Pop On Veneers


    Your speech may sound a little different at first, but your tongue and mouth will adapt as your Pop On Veneers get cozy in their new home. Give yourself time to adjust speaking with your Pop On Veneers. We found that singing your favorite song in the shower helps!
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    Limited time offer for the arch/arches previously purchased (Top, Bottom, or Both) and as long as there have been no dental changes since you received your original veneers as this would impact their fit.
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