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Offer to purchase spare veneers is valid for 90 days after purchase. Offer only valid for the arch/arches previously ordered (Top, Bottom or Both). You may select a new color for your spare veneers.
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Spare Veneers FAQs:
What is the difference between ordering spare veneers and regular pop on veneers?

Spare veneers will not include an impression kit. Your spare veneers will be designed the same way as your original veneers and may have slight differences due to the delicate finishing process which happens by hand. After you place your order for spare veneers, we’ll immediately get started on making your smile.


Why would I order spare veneers?

Many customers have found it helpful to have backup veneers, in case anything happens to their first veneers or in situations where they like to leave their veneers in two different places. Many customers also choose to get spare veneers so they can have two different color options for their smile. For example, they can wear their Hollywood White veneers for special occasions and their Natural White or Mature Tan veneers for everyday use. 


Do I have to make my impression molds again when I order spare veneers?

Nope! Typically, we have a digital copy of your original impression molds so you don’t need to make impression molds again! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your digital impressions.


How long does it take?

You won't need to make another impression mold for your spare veneers so we'll get started on making your spare veneers right after you place your order. The magic in our lab takes approximately 2 weeks or you can choose to upgrade your order to rush which usually takes approximately 1 week. Once we ship your veneers, they'll typically arrive in just 2 business days.


How long do I have to place my order for spare veneers?

You can order spare veneers up to 90 days after the date of purchase of your original veneers. If you purchased your veneers over 90 days ago, please contact us to confirm we can still process your order.


Can I order a different color than my original veneers?

Absolutely! Feel free to choose any color you want for your spare veneers.


If I ordered Top AND Bottom, can I get Top OR Bottom spare veneers?

Sure, you’re welcome to order Top OR Bottom if you order both veneers before.


If I only ordered Top OR Bottom, can I get Top AND Bottom spare veneers?

You can get spare veneers that will be an exact replica of the veneers that we already designed for you. If you would like to order Top AND Bottom, and you have not ordered both before, then please purchase Pop On Veneers Top OR Bottom for the other arch. For example, if you already ordered Pop On Veneers for the Top, and now you would like both, then you can order Spare Veneers for the Top and Regular Pop On Veneers for the bottom.


Do I need to make new impression molds for spare veneers?

Nope! We save a digital copy of your original impression molds, so we'll make you spare veneers using your original teeth molds.


If I've had some dental work done, or any changes to the placement of my teeth, can I order spare veneers?

Your spare veneers will be designed from your original impression molds so they will fit your teeth only if your teeth haven't shifted at all. If you had any changes in your teeth placement or any dental work done, Please order regular Pop On Veneers, so we can send you another impression molding kit and design your veneers around the changes in your mouth.


If I wasn't thrilled with my original veneers, should I order spare veneers?

If you'd like to change the color of your veneers, then you can order spare veneers. We do not recommend ordering spare veneers if you were not thrilled with the fit or design of your original veneers since your spare veneers will be designed the same way. If you're looking to change the design of the veneers, then please contact us so we can better understand the concerns you have with your original veneers.


If I'm not happy with my spare veneers, can I remake them?

Since spare veneers are designed precisely like your original veneers, they'll fit the same way as your original veneers. Therefore we do not offer remakes on spare veneers. Certainly reach out to us if you experience any issues with your spare veneers.


How can I pay for my spare veneers?

For spare veneers, we accept all our usual forms of payment, except Partially.


If it’s been more than 90 days since I purchased my veneers, can I still get spare veneers?

Since spare veneers are designed precisely like your original veneers, they'll fit the same way as your original veneers. Please contact our team to discuss whether your spare veneers can be made from your original impression molds.