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Protect your veneers from one incident of loss, theft, damage and more within one year of purchase.

We'll replace your veneers!

Loss Protection Plan

When you purchase the Loss Protection Plan, you will receive a one time use code by email within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), to redeem for Loss Protection Veneers. Your unique code will allow you to place an order for replacement veneers any time within a year, at $0 cost for your loss protection veneers. We'll start making your veneers again as soon as you redeem you Loss Protection Code. 

You can choose to order your Loss Protection Veneers in the color of your choice. No proof of Loss, Breakage, Damage or Theft is necessary to redeem your Loss Protection Plan. Your code is unique to your order and is non transferable. Shipping fees may apply.

Full updated details of the Loss Protection Plan available in the Pop On Promise
Limit one Loss Protection Plan per order (associated with one email address). Don't forget to add a Loss Protection Plan is at Checkout, after you confirm that you are a candidate for Pop On Veneers. 
Am I a candidate?

Forgot to add Loss Protection at checkout?

No worries! You may still be able to add your Loss Protection Plan for 7 days after purchase. Please contact us to purchase Loss Protection within 7 days of original purchase.
Though you can no longer add Loss Protection after 7 days from purchase, you can purchase Spare Veneers to receive another smile without making teeth impression molds again!
We offer special pricing for Spare Veneers once you have joined
the Pop On Family!
Spare Veneers
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Congratulations! You Qualify for PopOnVeneers!

Congratulations! You Qualify for PopOnVeneers!

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