Impression Guide Video

*Please note, this video guide has been updated with new timing for your impressions. The timing may not reflect the information in the printed pamphlet. It is best to follow the timing suggested in the video. 


If your kit has a BLUE single arch impression tray, please click here.

If your kit has a PINK or GREEN double sided impression tray, please watch this impression guide video below.

Let's make great impressions!

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Below are additional videos that answer Frequently Asked Questions about making your impressions: (you can also watch the entire playlist here)

1.  What is the gumline? 

2. How do I mix the putty correctly?

 3. How do I place the putty on the tray correctly?

 4. Where do I poke the guide holes?

5. What if I didn't bite down in the right place?

 6. How far down do I bite down?

 7. What if the putty feels too hard when I bite down?

 8. Where should I see the putty go when I bite down?

9. How do I massage after I bite down?

10. How long do I wait for the impression mold to harden?

11. How do I avoid gagging?

12. Do I need a different tray?

13. Did I make my impression molds right?

We're here for you every step of the way!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions while you're making your impression molds at home. We look forward to celebrating your smile soon!