Best Veneers 2023

What are the best veneer options?

Best veneers 2023


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Option 1

Pop On Veneers 

Pop On Veneers #1
pop on veneers

Pop On Veneers are a removable, custom-made solution that cover many of your dental concerns: gaps, staining, missing teeth, and more! First, you'll have the choice to take your impressions from the comfort of your own home, or at our location in the heart of NYC! Your impressions will be used by our mastered technicians to design your Pop On Veneers specifically for you, and only you. Since Pop On Veneers are designed to fit precisely over your existing teeth, they fit securely and comfortably- all without using adhesives! Pop On Veneers are an affordable, painless solution to many dental treatments that can be expensive, painful and time-consuming. With Pop On Veneers, all your concerns will disappear, and you'll have the confidence to love your smile!  

Option 2

Permanent Dental Veneers

permanent dental Veneers
permanent veneers

Permanent dental veneers require shaving down teeth to the enamel, where a thin shell is designed to fit your dental shape and structure. A single tooth can cost $800-$5,000 and it can cost $50,000-$100,000 for a full smile. Since the natural enamel on the teeth are shaven down, permanent veneers require maintenance and replacement. This leads to irreversible changes, and can cause sensitivity to the teeth due to the filling of the enamel. However, what if there was an easier option? Pop On Veneers is a great solution for having a beautiful smile that is non-invasive, quick, affordable, and removable whenever you choose! 

Option 3

'One-size-fits-all' Veneers

one size fits all
prefabricated veneers

Prefabricated veneers are typically a one-size fits all solution for certain dental concerns. However, the materials used for prefabricated veneers are commonly low-quality plastic, are not fully customized to your teeth, and have that "Halloween" or "Dracula" teeth appearance. Since prefabricated veneers do not take into consideration your teeth or bite, they tend to fit loosely and have less durability. Other variations of prefabricated veneers can come with a strip of pink to mimic the gum line, which requires applying an adhesive to remain attached in the mouth. This can be very uncomfortable, as shifting of the veneers can make eating, talking, or singing difficult to do.

Many prefabricated veneers also require boiling the clip on veneers before wearing, or in between uses. At Pop On Veneers, your veneers are hand-crafted in our laboratory in NYC by trained, meticulous dental technicians with years of experience in servicing dentists. Our team will digitally scan, design and hand-perfect your custom made smile. It is our goal that your veneers maintain a natural look, all while sitting comfortably and securely.

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