Design your Smile!
Temporary Oral Tattoos
Easy to apply on Pop On Veneers
  • Clean & dry the veneer surface completely
  • Tear desired design at perforated lines and remove plastic.
  • Dip design quickly in water for less than 1 second. This will activate the adhesive.
  • Place facedown on the veneer in the desired location. Use the gray shape on the back side for orientation.
  • Apply moderate finger pressure & hold in place for 10 seconds
  • Gently remove paper and allow Bling to dry for 10 seconds
  • To remove, gently rub with isopropyl alcohol pad
  • Do not use use sharp instruments, they may scratch the veneers

Not recommended for children under 12. Do not swallow.

Only intended for veneers surface. Intended for cosmetic use only